Emergency drought report March 2024

We feel compelled to report to you all a rapidly unfolding crisis in Zimbabwe due to the complete lack of rain. We are getting reports from our partners across Zimbabwe and from other charities. The following are messages recently received:

………” things are not good at all, crops are dead we are having to encourage the people and give hope in the Lord. The sun is scorching hot …one can only hope in the Lord for a miracle provision. A lot of relief food etc is needed if The Lord would give grace.”

Robert Chatindo

…………….”We have been experiencing a heat wave since December last year and our crops have already wilted. Actually, we are going to experience a very severe drought this year. Some people are already experiencing it and we need prayers definitely right here at this time.”

Gideon Chishamba

………………………. “It is a sad story that the rain has been gone long before the crops were at an impressive stage. Now as I speak the government has declared this year a drought year. Look at our sorry crop, this season! The situation is similar in many places country-wide. Remember most Zimbabweans supplement their regular incomes with proceeds from the fields. This year it is going to be very difficult for us. Zimstat has given a figure of 4.4 million Zimbabweans who will be facing hunger this year. Other estimates of the same go as high as 7 million! The prevailing economic hardships aggravates the situation. Your thoughts and prayers on our behalf are highly appreciated! Many thanks and God bless!”

Trymore Mateyanganga

…………………….“We are getting into a dangerous situation where everyone is now hopeless about the rains. Will keep on praying about this and will wait upon God. Last night I failed to sleep when more people came to our door looking hungry and hopeless. In my mind I thought hey, why can’t we get food and have a temporary programme and I have named it Feed The Hungry (FTH). ………..It’s just a dream.”

James Kambudzi
Gideon – We have been experiencing a heat wave since December last year and our crops have already wilted.

Graham Shaw who heads up the ZVSF Charity (Zimbabwe Victim Support Fund) referred us to this article from ‘TechCentral’ who report the following:

“Last month, large parts of Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe had the least rainfall — or close to it — since records began in 1981, early data from the University of California Santa Barbara’s Climate Hazards Centre shows. The centre based its preliminary appraisal mainly on satellite-based rainfall estimates, with a final assessment due next week that will include more rainfall gauge observations. The dry spell, blamed on the El Niño weather phenomenon, is the latest indicator of how severely Africa is being impacted by extreme weather events that scientists say are becoming increasingly frequent and severe because of climate change.”


……………I have just gotten back from Zimbabwe and am reeling over the catastrophe looming over the country. We just did 1373 km doing deliveries on behalf of another UK donor and did not see one viable crop. It is now the time for harvest and I do not know what people are going to do.

Shelley Lasker – Partner supplying fortified maize porridge

We have just had our planned spring trustees’ meeting, and after talking about this matter for some time decided, due to the exceptional severity of this drought, we should open an emergency fund to channel aid to our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ. Please help us to publicise this, and join us in prayer that the Lord will move people to send aid.

Donations. marked famine relief, can be made to our Account with CAF Bank

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