Orphan Work

It is estimated that an incredible 8% of the population of Zimbabwe are orphaned or abandoned children. Throughout the Bible we are told to care for the fatherless, so this is an important area of ministry for ZPT and here we highlight two orphanages we have been able to give specific support to.

Sandra Jones Centre

The Sandra Jones Centre cares for over 70 orphans and abandoned babies, specialising in making provision for young girls who have suffered sexual abuse, particularly cases where this has led to a pregnancy and the birth of a child. This very specialised centre has provided a safe refuge where the girls and their babies can be cared for lovingly and safely.

In 2012 they grasped an opportunity to obtain their own property which is much more suitable for their needs. Sandra Jones Centre were able to purchase a hotel in Bulawayo that was on the point of closing but still completely furnished and all ready to move into. This was a remarkable provision, and some ZPT funds were sent to help them at the time of the move. The Centre is still making quarterly payments to complete the purchase of these premises and would value your prayers that they will be able to honour these commitments alongside the daily running expenses involved in caring for the children in the Centre. Any gifts you might like to make towards this work can be made to the Trust, earmarked for the Sandra Jones Centre. These are some of the aims and objectives of the centre as published on their website: 1. To provide a home, love, hope and care to abandoned/unwanted children until they can secure a new home through adoption or they reach adulthood; 2. To facilitate the adoption of these children into loving, committed families; 3. To provide a refuge for girls-in-crisis or those pregnant as a result of rape and/or incest.

A recent partnership with Fruitful Harvest Ministries – also run by Christians has enabled the Sandra Jones Centre to develop their land and existing facilities for growing vegetables and raising chickens. This provides food for the children and enables them to gain valuable vocational training in farming, agriculture, raising chickens, as well as food preparation, and packaging for sale to the public. For further information on the Sandra Jones Centre see http://www.sandrajonescentre.org or https://www.facebook.com/sandra.j.centre

Mind The Gap

Mind the Gap – Africa has been operating in Zimbabwe for over ten years now. Their focus is to care for children who have been orphaned, abandoned or who are vulnerable in some way. Along with seeking to support other children’s homes they have set up two of their own on a 30 acre plot just on the outskirts of Bulawayo. The place is called Harvest Family Village. The homes have 8 children in each and sometimes additional children who need a temporary place of safety. They believe that by being a smaller family unit the children will receive the love, care and attention they desperately need. Their aim is to build eleven more houses on the land to provide a home for many more of Zimbabwe’s children. At $80,000 per house this is quite an undertaking but they are trusting that the Lord will provide. They also have a chicken project with 1000 chickens which supply approx. 900 eggs a day! They sell direct to the public so as to make as much profit as possible to help with the day to day running costs of the two homes. If you would any more information about this project please contact Jenny on jennyhensman@gmail.com. Above all their request is that you pray for this project and the children under their care.