News and Prayer Update July 2023

Thank you for your continued interest and support. We would like to bring you some updates on the ongoing projects we are helping our dear Christian brothers and sisters with in Zimbabwe. We are conscious that there is now looming up the General election on 23rd August. They will be voting for both a president and MPs for all their constituencies. Please pray that the election will be conducted fairly, without violence, rigging or intimidation.

Trymore—Mount Darwin.

Trymore has shared recently a new step to meet the need for a nursery school to add to the facilities at their Community Development Centre.
Since we last met, they have already raised sufficient resources themselves to build the walls and windows for a building to house this. They are asking if we can help them complete this by supplying the money needed for a simple corrugated iron roof. They estimate approximately £1800 would cover this.

Gideon – Health Clinic Chivi

Chivi Health clinic
New cottage for nurses accommodation close to completion

The long-awaited Health Clinic at Chivi is now close to being ready to use. Gideon sent the following news at the end of May:

Warmest greetings from the winter weather of Bulawayo. We are so much glad to let you know that our meeting with the Chivi District Administrator on the 31st of May went very well. We had a wonderful meeting by the clinic site together with the chief of the area, all the community village heads, school heads as well as other community leaders. The District Administrator was really impressed on the progress so far of the building of the clinic as well as of the clinic cottage. He quickly promised that he will make it a point that the clinic be opened as soon as possible. He is going to send a team from his office to assess on the building and will get the health personnel for the clinic. We are only supposed to finish off on the clinic cottage, so that they may be able to give us the nurses to work at the clinic. He also gave us a go ahead to arrange the furnishings for the clinic, so that the centre may work once the nurses have been released by the government

Gideon Chishemba

Chivi Health clinic
Meeting in progress with district administrator

We have designated funding of $6000 towards the costs of furnishing the clinic. The original budget for this was just over $7000 in November 2020 but the same company are now quoting just under $13000. Pray for wisdom and the Lord’s provision to furnish the clinic.

Spring Farms, Bulawayo

We have also had a request from Robert Chatindo to assist with the costs of building a pre-school nursery at Springs Farm, a rural community near Bulawayo already being supported by the Trust. Robert is seeking to continue his father Albert’s ministry in the Bulawayo area and he, along with the team who work with him have a long-term vision for a ministry base at Springs Farm. Part of this vision is the building of the nursery and they are looking for sponsorship to achieve this.

Victoria Falls area

As we put this update together, we are remembering in prayer a mission trip to Victoria Falls organised by an American Church group based in Oxford called Crown Christian Heritage Trust. It was brought to our attention by Gavin and Marjorie Blaire, a Christian couple who have recently returned to the UK from Zimbabwe and began to attend Great Ellingham Baptist Church. The group are hoping to establish a mission base in Gavin and Marjorie’s old home in Zimbabwe. The meetings they have organised so far are being enthusiastically received, there seems to be a real appetite for good Christian teaching in the area.

Trust matters

Our Secretary, Roger Prime is working closely with Shaun Hexter, our new trustee, on a phased transition of the secretarial work of the Trust to Shaun by the end of this year. Please pray this will go smoothly and for Shaun as he takes on these responsibilities. Roger and Gill Prime will be retiring from their responsibilities as trustees next year and we urgently need to recruit a lady willing to take on the sensitive ministry of dealing with the administrative needs of our 3 widows Agnes, Loveness, and Chipo. There is also a pressing need for someone to take on the responsibilities as Minute Secretary for the Trust, a role Gill has been fulfilling alongside her support of the widows. Please pray for the Lord’s overruling, and provision, in these changes in the months ahead.

Pastors’ training

Please pray for the planned Training of Trainers in November this year, the first such training since 2019 because of Covid. Mark Drury will be leading a team who will undertake this training.

We thank all our supporters for your prayers and generous giving to the of the work of the Trust.

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